Monday, March 25, 2013

How to cheat on Bluestacks with Cheat Engine 6.2

okay... here tutorial from me
someone asked how to cheat on Bluestacks
i use cheat engine
download here

after download CE 6.2
open cheat engine 6.2
first settings CE

then click scan settings tab
check mem_mapped

then click tab Debugger Options
choose Use Kernelmode Debugger
like this picture

and then click extra tab
check two options
like this picture
then click ok

close Cheat engine
and open again
ready cheat engine
first run your bluestack
open process list
scrool up
choose [Physical Memory]
like this picture

free to ask...
comment if you still don't understand ^_^

and sample for my game Kingdom Royale HP (health point)
How to cheat Kingdom Royale (health)

Note :
i try this tutorial with my Win 7 32 bit (x86)
if you have 64bit or x64,
i think you need more RAM,
i not yet try in 64bit